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Corneal Tear é traumatic cataract in right eye

Corneal Tear é traumatic cataract in right eye

Dr Hunain Faheem


Eye Specialist ATFEH Okara

Case History:

16 Years old patient report with the history of Trauma to Right eye, through a sharp object by the last 4 days

V/ A was PL, IOP was 25 mmHg


Right Corneal Tear é traumatic cataract

Slit lamp Eye Examination:

Right eye Paracentral Corneal Tear from 10 to 12 o’ Clock

Cornea Hazy with Descemet’s membrane Folds

Ac was Shallow with hyphema covering half of the AC

Vitreous labels were also present

Pupil was irregular with traumatic cataract

Treatment of eye:

Right eye Corneal Tear form é LMA IOL

Procedure of eye surgery:

Right eye Corneal incision was repaired by applying 2 interrupted10/ 0 nylon sutures. At the same time eye AC was washed. Eye Anterior Vitrectomy was done. Eye Bag was loose so anterior capsule was punctured with a cystotome and LMA was done. Crack was extended after that 6.5 mm PMMA Lens was placed in the sulcus. 2 sutures were also placed on Limbus at 11 & 12 o’ Clock.

Follow- up report:

Case came after 1 month with

V/ A6/ 24 and IOP is 18 mmHg,

Cornea clear

AC formed

IOL complete

Fundus NAD


Right eye IOL sounded to be decentered because the case was using cycloplen and so his pupil was dilated, so no worries.

Clinical Guidelines for Eye Care:

Traumatic cataract:

Traumatic cataract is clouding of the lens and eyes that may do after either blunt or piercing optic trauma that disrupts and damages the lens fibers. ultimate of the traumatic cataracts lead to eye lens swelling, but the type and clinical course depends on trauma and the integrity of the capsular bag.

Descemet’s membrane:

Descemet’s membrane- this is the basement membrane for the corneal endothelium in eye, it is a thick, fairly transparent and cell-free matrix that separates the posterior corneal stroma from the underpinning endothelium.


A hyphema means blood collected inside the front of eye. This happens between the cornea (the clear, bean- shaped window at the front of the eye) and the iris (the varicolored part of the eye). The blood may cover some part or all of the iris and the pupil.


A clear, jelly- suchlike substance that fills the middle of the eye.

Nylon sutures:

Nylon sutures are also call polyamide sutures, remarkably smooth and soft. They also have a truly good sense and excellent knot security. Black or blue in color, they also have excellent tensile strength to give truly good endless fabric support.

Anterior Vitrectomy:

The anterior vitrectomy is to remove the vitreous from the anterior chamber, to clear any vitreous from the entry incisions and it also allow an IOL to be place.

Anterior capsule:

The Anterior lens capsule (ALC) is the thickest basement membrane in the body and can be serve as an excellent balcony for the growth and expansion of different optic cells, analogous as retinal color epithelial cell, corneal epithelium and endothelium cell and trabecular network cell, etc.


The space between the posterior face of the base of the iris and the anterior face of the ciliary body the ciliary sulcus- and the capsular bag are the spots for a posterior chamber lens implant after extracapsular cataract birth.


It forms the border between the transparent cornea and opaque sclera, contains the pathways of arid humour outpour.  

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